Hey, I'm Nick Holbrook and I'm a Cloud Software Engineer from New Boston, Michigan.

Interested in working together? Feel free to contact me.

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About Me


My name is Nick Holbrook, and I am a student studying computer science at Oakland University. Although I am still in school, I have hands on experience with a variety of technologies used by the largest tech companies out there: ranging anywhere from scalable database solutions such as Cassandra to complete frontend frameworks like Angular.

Within Computer Science, I am particularly interested in Machine Learning and Cyber Security. I have worked predominintly with web technoligies to this point, but I hope to expand to these fields in the future.

Other Hobbies:

When I'm not programming, you can usually find me outside doing on of the following:

  • training for my next marathon. I just ran the Detroit Matahon last year, and I plan on trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon next year.
  • backpacking. I aspire to one day hike the entirity of the Appalachian Trail.
  • mountain biking. I just got into mountain biking last fall, but I have been obsessed ever since.
  • snowboarding. I'm also new to snowboarding, but I'm on the slopes as often as I can be.


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